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I have a problem (?)

I really, really wanna be Kate Beckett

I’m not even asking for a Castle, I just want her job and badass posture.

02-06-13 7
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now I’ll also be running bitch23things

you should all follow it, and get acquainted with the series because it’s so much fun :D

05-31-12 6
#don't trust the bitch in apartment 23 #personal #louara is the best

A picture of my mom holding an earlier version of me. Yes I look like a boy, well, I still do, I guess. Note the badassary in the background? my childhood took place westward of the… well, not the Mississipi, but it kinda resembles the American West :)

05-13-12 3
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So, I had this stupid activity for this stupid course I’m taking (so I can graduate and get a stupid diploma and leave). We had to create an activity for ESL students… involving a video… So I was like, ok, let’s participate this thing. Then I came up with this:


Mixology Certification is such a good episode.


If you teach ESL classes, feel free to use it. I don’t claim the credits.

(and I did it in less than 5 min, THANK YOU COMMUNITY)

05-03-12 4
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